5 Blogging Tips For You

Since now everyone can blog, it is time you consider making money with it. This article is going to share with you how research, setting up your blog, optimizing, monetizing your blog and driving traffic can help you make money with blog.

There are hundreds if not thousands of blogs being registered daily. However, not many people have a strong idea of how to setup a blog to make money with it. Even when you setup a money making blog, money doesn’t come immediately. You need to work for it and be patience to start seeing the money to come to you.

When you are ready, below are some tips to help you make money with blog.

1. Research

When you are starting anything online, you need to do a research to have an idea of what your result will be. When you are starting your blogging business, you will want to research your niche. The easiest way is to look into your interest, magazines and best selling list.

When you have your niche, it is recommended that you build your blog on the sub-niche. Let’s say your niche is relationship, maybe you can blog about husband and wife relationship. You will be more focus in your blog post and you blog will seem more professional rather than posting everything about relationship.

2. Setup your blog

Your blog name does play it parts when comes to ranking high in search engine result page (SERP). So, see that your main keyword is incorporated into your blog name.

For the husband and wife relationship sub-niche you just chosen, guideforthemarried.com seems to tell what you are offering in your blog.

3. Optimize your blog

When you are optimizing your blog, remember that you are doing it for the search engines and your readers. So, choose 2-3 keyword phrases about husband and wife relationship and write your post around them. This will then help to get your blog listed in the SERP.

Optimizing your blog for search engines will only get your blog rank high in SERP. Still, your readers are the real people who help you to make money with blog. They are the one who click on your advertisement and buy your affiliate product.

When viewers see you are forcing your keywords into your posts and made it sound unnatural, they will not come back to you again. When that happens, you will fail miserably in your blogging business.

4. Monetizing your blog

When you are done with optimizing your blog, it is time you build some affiliate link to your blog post. Find your product from the affiliate program network and promote them in your blog.

When you are looking for your affiliate product, look for one that gives code for banners too. You will want to put some of these banners in your sidebar so that your blog look more interesting. However, you need to be careful when you are putting banners on your blog because too much of them can distract your viewers’ attention.

5. Drive traffic

How much money you can make with blog depends highly on the traffic to your blog. So, the more people read your blog and convinced by you, the more you can earn. What you can do is to submit articles to various article directories online. When you have extra money to spare, you can always get an article submission service to do the job for you. If you are low on budget, you can look for the top 10-15 article directories and submit the articles yourself.

Another good way to drive traffic to your blog is to link to other’s blog. Before you can link to other bloggers, you will want to comment on their post. Share constructive comments about what they say, they will be happy to link to you. Then you will be able to leverage on the blogger existing traffic to build your blogging business.

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